Mammoth Snowman Community Advertising

Over 250,000+ People Rely on our Snow and Weather Reports.
They also love our photos and the businesses that advertise with us.

Effective Mammoth Lakes Advertising

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For Retail Shops, Resturants, and Lodging

Ski and Bike Shop Marketing with The Snowman

Steve The Snowman Taylor

Is your current advertising for your Mammoth Lakes business currently reaching people at their home's or on their mobile phones while they are checking out current conditions and or planning their next trip to Mammoth Lakes?

My name is Steve Taylor the Mammoth Snowman and for over 10 years I have been working with locals ski shops, Resturants and Small Businesses in town driving more customers into their front doors.

What would it mean to you if we could drive more trackable customers into your business? Imagine advertising that you can see the results from.

Does this really work?  Just ask Tony over at Footloose Sports or the New Owners Zach and Silver who run coupons and discounts year round with us.

There are over 250,000 Mammoth Traveler's that log in multiple times a year to check weather and conditions before they come up and while they are in town.

We also have a Facebook page with over 41,000 fans and a private Facebook group that's close to 10,000 members now.  

What this means to you is you can tap into my group of second homeowners, season pass holders and people who come to Mammoth frequently. They love what I do and want to support the businesses that support 

Advertising Information

Proven Since 2008 - Coupons & Branding Customer Generation System 

With our main program, you get your banner into our rotating sidebar for desktop users.

The sidebar has a banner that rotates near the top of the page and then again lower down your artwork will always appear in one of the rotating positions. 

Further down the home page is what we call our coupon block, this block also appears on our two detailed weather pages.

We also have a coupon page at that ranks at the top of Google search if people are looking for local discounts.

Last but not least we post your coupon and landing page link once a week into our social media communities and pages. 

New this season we are running Google & Facebook ads to drive new ikon pass users to

All of the posts on our homepage are also posted on our blog and an RSS feed and go out to over 50 social media and news pages. 

Examples of what the Ads look like at

Rotating Side Banner Bar

Ski and Bike Shop Marketing

Below is the Coupon Block - On Home and Weather Pages


Here is an example of the social media posts you get.  This season we are using our new software, so when you sign up we go pre-program these posts once every other week while you're on board with us. 


Here are the networks are posting goes out to.


Monthly Cost is $399 - Use the subscribe button to get started, you will be billed the same day every month. There are no contracts you can cancel if not satisfied.

If you want maximum exposure at try one of these two options. 



At the top of each homepage, we have a coupon spot that we are offering up this year on a semi-exclusive basis.

This ad spot get's the most eyeballs on it of any ad on our website.

The price of this banner is $499 a month and there is one spot open.

New this year we have the text ad block right at the fold on a desktop view. This is offered on a semi-exclusive basis.

You get a title and two lines of text with a link to a landing page of your choice.

The price of this text box is $499 a month and it's semi-exclusive to two businesses only.

What Our Clients Say

Some of the Brands we work with and the offers we are promoting.