Social Media Marketing 

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Everyone knows social media posting is a needed part of your shop's marketing plan.

Problem is you need to hire a part-time worker just to create the written posts and produce killer images.

O and then you need to post that content to several social different social media outlets.

What our team has found works best for the ski and bike shops we work with now is a simple 2 step system. You get a person on your staff that is smartphone savvy and have them post 2-3 days a week from inside your shop. Product, staff and happy customers posts work great.

The second part is we offer a basic and advanced service where we will post industry posts and ski and bike related general content on a 3 day a week basis.

The Advanced version will post 6 days a week.

When we post industry brands it will be for the products you carry. We work directly with Promo Box and can coordinate with your Industry Reps as needed. 

(PS Ask the Reps who come into your shop for COOP Advertising Funds!)

(We do not recommend you use Promo Box local ads, unless that Brand is 100% paying for it. Also, better results Use PromoBoxContert in our Social Media Software.)